Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes.  I have been blessed with being a full-figured woman.  To accentuate my curves, I have always wanted to dress classy and elegant.  Unfortunately, I have found that finding beautiful and quality clothes for my size was sometimes a very difficult task. Every woman, no matter their size, should have the option of wearing clothes that make them feel beautiful and enhances all of her curves.  This was the inspiration that drove my desire to open a boutique that would provide classy clothing for the full-figured woman.

Fashion is my main passion coming second only to God and my family. I am a devout Christian giving all my glory to God knowing that without Him, NOTHING would be possible.  I am a proud mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and grandmother.  My granddaughter is my pride and joy and she is the inspiration behind the name Ava J’s.

I grew up in the historical Aberdeen area in Hampton, VA and was a 1988 graduate of Bethel High School.  To further my education, I earned an Associate degree in Business Management, an Associate degree in Legal Assistant, and a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Hampton University. Putting my degrees to use, I opened and ran my own Title & Escrow Company for 4 years.  Unfortunately, I made poor choices while I ran my business and I went away for 14 months.  During that time, I asked God for forgiveness and in January 2017, I will no longer have any ties pertaining to that period of time in my life.  God continues to bless me, and with opening my boutique I pray to continue to be a blessing to others.

Since every woman of different shapes and sizes deserves to look their very best, I am looking forward to providing all my beautiful full figured sisters with amazing high-end clothing that will make the outer you look just as beautiful as the inner you.